How to install ELSIROS?

Beforehand find answers to following questions:

  1. Do you have Webots 2021b installed?
  2. Do you have Java installed?
  3. Do you have Python 3.9 or higher installed?

ELSIROS is possible to install at Windows 10 (64 bit) only.
You have to uninstall Webots with version earlier than 2021b if you have it on your computer.
Install Python 3.9. Better to install it from website. Check correctness of Python installation. In order to do that get into system console ( by typing ’cmd’ command) and input

python —version 

If version is higher than 3.9 you can go to next step. Follow to link: and choose “download “ from menu.
After downloading of distribution file if you have Windows Defender enabled it will warn you against saving executable file. In dialogue with Defender you have to choose proper way providing saving file to computer anyway with following execution.
In Downloads section of your browser there will be downloaded file ElsirosSetup.exe with comment “was blocked because it could harm your device”. Click on “more actions” and choose “Keep”. Pop-up window " This app might harm your device", there you have to choose “Show more / Keep anyway”.
During launching ElsirosSetup.exe file Windows Defender will be asking to give up installation, but you have to install anyway.
During installation process you will be asked to install or not Webots 2021b. You have to confirm installation if you don’t have it installed.
There will be offered to install Java. It is recommended to agree with installation because there are many versions of Java.
Game Controller uses certain version.
After installation it is necessary to reboot system.
Good Luck!