How to launch your first ELSIROS game?

First game can be launched in one click.
If you have all installed correctly first game can be launched in one click.
This is also easiest way to check correctness of setup.
It is necessary to click to launch following file from Windows Explorer:


In about one minute you will see following screen:

After this in about 20 seconds game will be started.
Game Controller (GC) window is located at upper left corner - this is tool for game management by referee of match. You can resize this window to convenient size and drag to other location, may be to second screen if you have 2 monitors. The game is already in management by Autonomous Referee (AR). You can involve into referee process using buttons of GC.
There are 4 small windows of robot controllers on bottom of screen. Robot controller messages appear in these consoles.
There is 3D rendering window of Webots simulation in middle of screen. You can organize this window according your convenience: change panel sizes, or delete some panels. Webots will remember your settings and use them at next session.
After finishing of game all windows will be closed automatically.
During game play you can pause game by clicking proper button on top of screen, or terminate game by closing all 6 pop-up windows.